Timothy Connection was born out of a desire to see the Church in the greater Phoenix area grow and flourish.  We believe that for that to happen church leaders need to be encouraged, supported and equipped for the challenges ministry presents. Unfortunately, surveys show that pastors often feel discouraged, isolated and inadequate for the demands of ministry.  This is especially true for leaders in church planting and solo church ministries.

The Timothy Connection team is made up of experienced pastors who are in ministry today because of the strategic encouragement of others, because of key relationships with ministry peers and because of coaches and mentors who took time to invest in our lives.  Timothy Connection involves three key elements:

Encouragement.  Encouragement takes many forms.  It may simply involve listening. It may involve cheering them on, affirming them and reminding them that they are making an impact for Christ. It may involve praying for them and with them.  It may also mean sharing mistakes we’ve made and what we’ve learned in the process.  It may involve coaching them as they work through a conflict or crisis.

Relationships.  We believe that pastors need to develop healthy relationships with others in their own church, but we also believe they need to connect with one another.  This relational connection to others who share and understand the unique challenges of being a pastor is vital to success in ministry. And yet busyness often keeps us from those relationships.  Timothy Connection helps pastors connect to relationships that are both convenient and meaningful.

Resources.  Timothy Connection provides coaches and resources to assist ministry leaders in specific areas of felt need.  To do this we’ve enlisted experienced ministry professionals who are willing to invest in coaching young pastors.  Coaching covers a wide spectrum of topics including: leadership, spiritual development, strategic planning, church organization, assimilation, conflict resolution, finances, staffing, facilities, policies and procedures, preaching and confidential counseling for pastors and their families.

Our team invites you to get connected!

Dr. Rick Efird, Pastor Bob Fox, Dr. John Vawter, Dr. Bill Yarger